Notice anything missing this week next to Harkness Hall, near the intersection of York and Chapel, down by the Medical School? The Caseus Cheese Truck, the only place in New Haven to procure artisanal grilled cheeses from a fully functioning vehicle, has been out of commission since last week. According to a post on the truck’s Facebook page, the truck, unable to run on tomato soup and dairy products alone, needs a new transmission and exhaust system.

Alas, as of Tuesday, the truck still hasn’t been fixed. “We will update as soon as we have a definite answer,” the truck tweeted Nov. 15.

We don’t know much about trucks, but we do know about grilled cheese. We know that we miss it. Come back, Caseus Cheese Truck. Grilled cheese from a non-mobile unit is tragically inferior, and our stomachs are eager for your valiant return.