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MEDANSKY: Revoke Cosby’s degree

Revoking Cosby’s doctorate is about more than achieving justice for his victims. It is a gesture, however small, against sexual violence wherever these heinous crimes occur.

MEDANSKY: First impressions, real and false

Our first impressions are often wrong, thanks to both our own naivety and the push of outside forces.

MEDANSKY: Sailing along

When we talk about Yale we talk about the ship of Theseus.

A company of twitters, a society of friends

It was spring, and the weather was beautiful. Last Saturday, we were sitting under a tree on Old Campus, admiring the newly warm weather and […]

MEDANSKY: Rehearsal dinner

Here at Yale, we also love humor and spirits.

MEDANSKY: What’s in your baggie?

Although unsafe drinking rightfully attracts the bulk of our attention, we must place some focus on the harder, more controversial drugs also present here.

Not your grandpa’s LSD

When Timothy Leary told a crowd of San Francisco hippies to “turn on, tune in, drop out,” he cemented the link between psychedelic drugs and […]

MEDANSKY: For more snow columns

The world was bright and blindingly beautiful.

MEDANSKY: A not so modest proposal

Increasing access to Yale’s body of knowledge and resources is a noble goal, but any push to increase the size of the college must be weighed against its consequences, from educational costs of increased course sizes to social costs of larger clubs to literal cost-cutting measures.

MEDANSKY: Let them play ball

A police officer seized and popped the ball within seconds.

MEDANSKY: Against credentialism

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s statements about Islam should disquiet us. But she has every right, and every qualification, to deliver them.