Not everyone at Morgan Stanley’s information session on Tuesday will be in suits — some Occupy-minded Yalies will be protesting outside the investment banking firm’s session.

Undergraduate Career Services facilitates dozens of career-related events a year, many of them focusing on opportunities in the financial services industry. One such event, a routine recruiting session for Morgan Stanley, is currently scheduled for Tuesday. Attendees at the informational meeting can expect the usual pomp and circumstance of collegiate recruiting: sturdy handshakes, well-fitted suit, and hopefully a shot at secure Wall Street bliss.

But they might not be expecting a group of protestors just a few blocks from the door: the “Occupy Morgan Stanley Info Session” will be waiting.

Marina Keegan ’12, the president of the Yale College Democrats, sent an email to the Dems’ panlist saying the event — organized by an Occupy Yale working group — will consist of 4:30 p.m. sign-making in the Dwight Hall Library, followed by a 5:30 protest outside of 1157 Chapel St., where the Morgan Stanley event will be held. When Morgan Stanley representatives begin their official information session an hour later, the Occupy protestors will move to the steps of the School of Art, where an “Alternative Info Session” will occur.

One goal of the event, Keegan explained, is to address the reasons why Yale students gravitate towards jobs in finance and consulting, and “make students think more critically about what they’re going to be doing next year in a broader context.”

“The other side of things needs to be presented,” Keegan said of the protest.

Both the Morgan Stanley info session and its Occupation are scheduled to occur Nov. 15.