Today the New York Times wedding announcements make us squee in delight with news of a Yale wedding. John Balzano and Anthony Porto, both of whom work at the University, were married this past Friday, according to the Times.

Balzano, a senior fellow at the China Law Center, currently lectures at the Law School, while Porto works with the Yale Medical Group and as an assistant professor of pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine. From the News to the newlyweds, a hearty “mazel tov.”

Ah, love. We like it; we love it! We’re rooting for you, Yale, though if the New York Times’ wedding announcements are any indication, you don’t need much help. Seems like there are vaguely Yale-related wedding announcements in the New York Times basically ALL. THE. TIME.

Why are we so good at getting married to each other? Or just at getting married in general? It’s gotta be these romantic autumnal evenings, those chilly winter nights, those hammock-ready springs. Or maybe it’s just Toad’s.