Princeton seniors looking for a job might want to send a resume to Dunder Mifflin. Comedian Steve Carell will be speaking at the college’s Class Day on June 4, the Daily Princetonian reported Sunday.

Princeton’s decision—which was revealed to seniors via email on Sunday—comes on the heels of a decision in Cambridge: as part of its 375th anniversary celebration this weekend, Harvard announced that TIME editor Fareed Zakaria ’86 will speak at its Class Day exercises next spring.

Both Zakaria and Carell are leaders in their respective fields. In 2010, Foreign Policy listed Zakaria as one of their top 100 “global thinkers,” while Life Magazine called Carell one of the funniest men in America. Carell, whose film credits range from “The 40-Year-Old-Virgin” to “Little Miss Sunshine,” received a Golden Globe in 2006 for his portrayal of Michael Scott on “The Office.” Though Carell gained a following for his deadpan delivery and signature “that’s what she said” jokes, Carell left the NBC comedy this past April. His most recent film, “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” received largely favorable reviews.

Carell and Zakaria represent two very different choices. Which route will Yale take? Last year’s Class Day speaker, actor and director Tom Hanks, balanced wit with wisdom. But Yale announced Hanks would be speaking in February of that year; Harvard and Princeton’s announcements have arrived much earlier than traditionally expected. Last year, Princeton alumna Brooke Shields spoke at her alma mater’s Class Day, and Amy Poehler, a native of the Boston area, delivered an address at Harvard’s Class Day.

Former President Bill Clinton LAW ’73 spoke at Yale’s 2010 Class Day ceremony. Past speakers include Christopher Buckley ’75, Tony Blair, Zakaria and Anderson Cooper ’89.

CORRECTION: Oct. 19, 2011

An earlier version of this post misspelled Steve Carell’s name.