• Though most Yalies complain about having 9 a.m. section during the week, more than 100 students chose to wake up even earlier on Saturday to pick fresh fruit on a farm and learn about the local food movement.

    The students participated this weekend in the last of Yale’s Farm Tours, four visits cosponsored by the Yale College Council and Yale Dining Services to local farms throughout Connecticut.

  • One month after Yale commemorated the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks,students gathered to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of America’s presence in Afghanistan. On Friday evening, around 25 students met in Dwight Chapel for an intimate spoken word poetry and vigil reflecting on the state of the war.
  • A new student-run class on web startups hopes to foster a new community of programmers. The program, Hack Yale, teaches programming languages to students with any level of coding experience through two weekly lectures with 25 students each and weekend workshops open to all students. The program’s founders said the class will show brand-new programmers all the tools they will need to create their own functioning web-based application, while also showing more experienced programmers how to polish a complex web startup.


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