As I struggled to write a final paper this Tuesday evening, I heard my suitemates pre-gaming to “Bottoms Up” through my door. One ran into my room to ask if she could borrow a bikini top. I knew this could only mean one thing: despite the rain and final papers and exams, it was time for Toad’s semiannual “Dance Floor Foam Party.”

Twice a year, throngs of students flock to Toad’s to grind and play in the suds, which erupt out of the club’s foam machine. Tonight was no exception. Dressed in rain boots, swim gear and t-shirts, hundreds of students danced with one another, skin to foam to foam to skin.

“Go foam, or go home,” said Sonia Taneja ’13, expressing a general sentiment of party-goers.

At one point, I was pushed into the center of the dance floor as the foam soaked my hair, shirt and jeans. I was cold, but also content. Despite the shivering walk back to my suite and the paper I knew awaited me, I couldn’t shake the feeling that, slowly but surely, summer is upon us.