Nikita Lalwani
Three Concerts

Nov. 11, 1951 On an unseasonably warm evening in the late fall, Battell Chapel filled with people waiting to hear the new Holtkamp organ. Its […]

Darnell resigns as dept chair following relationship with student

Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Chair John Darnell agreed to a one-year suspension from the Yale faculty.

Morse-Stiles loom class gets going

Look out, knitting. Morse and Stiles’ annual loom class — taught by “an expert weaver instructor” — will start this Sunday afternoon in the Crescent […]

Longtime football fans keep coming back

When Ann Clark and her late husband, Law School professor Eli Clark ’43 LAW ’47 ART ’58, used to go to Yale football games in […]

Law clinic fights unemployment

Thanks to a legal clinic at Yale Law School, 265 laid off Connecticut workers are now eligible for income support, healthcare benefits and job retraining […]

Grad students see less off-campus crime

Michael Jones ’12 heard a rustling in the blinds in his Sigma Phi Epsilon room Tuesday night. When he turned, he saw a man climbing […]

Dining services coordinate

After operating independently for several years, Yale Law School’s dining hall is consolidating some functions with central campus’s Yale Dining this year. Because the Law […]

SOM courts jobs for students

As the Yale School of Management makes an effort to improve its standing among American business schools, administrators are working to improve job prospects for […]

Swing Space: a house divided

Intruders, beware. The stair doors in the Swing Space Dorm are now accessible only through active card readers — cementing the separation between the Yale […]

Want to deliver mail for the Law School?

Yale Law School is advertising a new — and slightly unusual — job opening on Yale’s student employment website. The posting is for a courier […]

Meet the Div School’s “Energizer bunny”

  Like most serious athletes, Sabrina Moran DIV ’12 works out every day: She runs, lifts weights, bicycles and uses an elliptical machine, like the […]