Dear Yale College Council candidates,

As the Class of 2015 is about to find out at Bulldog Days, we are privileged with an incredibly lively campus, with literally hundreds of extracurricular organizations that contribute to a uniquely vibrant social scene. The YCC has been very effective in bringing student concerns and reforms to the Yale administration, making progress on crucial issues such as student mental health and helpful fixes like Summer Storage. However, there are some roles the Council does not need to fill.

While we enjoy the many social events the YCC plans every year, Yale’s social scene is lively and active with or without them. During this time of recession when so many people are struggling economically, both within our community and (perhaps more visibly) immediately outside our gates, spending a great deal of money for one or two more major social events for our campus seems to us to be an unnecessary luxury.

Thus, we would like to make a request to the candidates. Take 50 percent of the YCC’s social budget, currently spent on Spring Fling and a couple other community events, and donate it to an appropriate charitable cause instead. Thanks to the YCC’s new transparency reforms, we know that a whopping $175,000 has been set aside specifically for this year’s Spring Fling. There is no reason we couldn’t be creative enough to have a great musical event at the end of the year with a more frugal $87,500.

Countless charities that are working locally and globally to save and improve lives every day are being forced to slash essential services as the struggling economy continues to force budget cuts. Close to home, New Haven overflow shelters for the homeless struggle for funding every year. On the state level, the Connecticut Food Bank works donation-to-donation to fight hunger; donating half of Spring Fling’s budget would make us their largest annual donor. For those thinking globally, CharityWater can sponsor a well project for $5,000 that provides clean water to a community of 250 people for 20 years. There’s no need to make the decision right now; vet a few charities for quality, and put the choice out to the student body for a vote.

We can choose to maintain the spending status quo on events, or run these same events with far fewer dollars and far more creativity, saving and bettering lives in the process. The decision is yours, but if you make the right one, you’ve got our appreciation — and our vote.

This letter has been co-signed by 101 others, whose names are listed in the online version of this column at

Connie Cho is a sophomore in Silliman College. Leah Libresco is a senior in Jonathan Edwards College and a staff columnist for the News. Christopher Pagliarella is a junior in Berkeley College.


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