Leah Libresco
LIBRESCO: Focus on small clubs

Yale’s student funding works best according to a model of subsidiarity, where money and rooms are preferentially allocated to the smallest and most decentralized recipients possible, since they’ll have the best understanding of their own needs.

LIBRESCO: Rebuilding more than skyscrapers

The Freedom Tower has been in construction since 2006, and will likely take at least two more years to complete. The 9/11 memorial did squeak […]

Libresco: Know your foes, know yourself

Here’s my old, wise senior advice: learn how to imitate your ideological enemies. By the time you graduate from Yale, you should be able to […]

Libresco: Exposing our committees

I didn’t know I had been appointed to the Yale Standing Committee on Science and QR until about eight months after my term as a […]

Cho, Libresco and Pagliarella: For a frugal Fling

Dear Yale College Council candidates, As the Class of 2015 is about to find out at Bulldog Days, we are privileged with an incredibly lively […]

Libresco: The meaning of glorious consent

The national press has misplaced its focus in the coverage of the Title IX complaint. Media outlets have emphasized Yale’s poor response to several high-profile […]

OPINION | We are one what?

Dozens of panlist reminders, two News articles, and a couple of conversations with protesters later, I still have no idea what Wednesday’s “We Are One” […]

Libresco: My man Manning

Bradley Manning, the alleged source of the WikiLeaks cable, has gotten a lot of press coverage — and little help. Writing about his situation has […]

Libresco: The offense of disengagement

In Krav Maga, the martial art used by the Israeli Defense Forces, offense is the only defense. The Israeli instructor hosted last week by Yale […]

Libresco: What’s wrong with a little spam?

This week, the News reported that the surge in panlist spam had prompted ITS to freeze the creation of new lists and consider junking the […]

OPINION | Libresco: Take time for activism

Riley Scripps Ford gave a terrible portrait of activism and engagement in his column stumping for the Senior Class Gift (“Giving Back, Paying Forward,” Feb. […]