David Scott Kastan

I would take any Film Studies course taught by Francesco Casetti. He is breathtakingly smart — and, oh, that accent!  If he wouldn’t let me in (and I can’t believe he would now), I would take Basic Drawing, though I fear it couldn’t be ‘basic’ enough for me.

Kastan is a Professor of English.

Paul Fry

Art History’s the subject that most interests me other than my own, maybe sometimes more than my own. Any time Alex Nemerov taught 18th and 19th century American art I’d want to take that, and if there were a seminar on Courbet, Corot, and the Barbizon painters I’d want to be there. Or possibly a survey of French art that could be called “Chardin to Courbet.”

Fry is a Professor of English.

Charles Bailyn

I actually worked out what I would take if I had a semester free and could take a full 4.5 credit schedule.  Second semester Spanish, Mazzotta’s Dante course, Polak’s Game Theory, and Ron Smith’s Remote Sensing course (G&G). That would be very cool — one practical thing (better Spanish would really help communicating with the observatory staff in Chile), two long-standing interests that I don’t have any systematic education in (Dante, Game Theory), and one extension of my ‘major’ into a neighboring area I’m not an expert in.  And every one of them fabulously well taught here at Yale.

Charles Bailyn is a Professor of Astronomy.

Ian Ayres

I would love to take Jack Hitt’s course on how to write, pitch, and publish (op-eds and magazine articles) or just about anything taught by Yale’s penetrating and eclectic ornithologist, Richard Prum.

Ayres is a Professor at the Law School.

Matthew Jacobson

It’s a good thing I got a job teaching here, because I probably still couldn’t get into Yale as an undergrad. But if I did, I would take “Galaxies and the Universe” and “Introduction to Cosmology.” I have an abiding but inarticulate fascination for astronomy, but I always shied away from it because I suck at math. Can I say that?

Jacobson is a Professor of History and American Studies.