Rachel Lipstein
Dear Dr. Lipschitz

Dear Dr. Lipschitz, I’m a freshman and am overwhelmed by all of the ridiculously stylish, put-together people on campus. It’s intimidating, especially because I come […]

Sexual Fantasies and the Farming Is Easy

In the fluorescent-lit spaces and dark corners of the barn, I sought my sexual fantasy. It was here, waiting for me among the circle of […]

Dear Dr. Lipschitz

Dear Dr. Lipschitz, There’s this girl I’ve hooked up with a couple of times and have been seeing a lot, and I want to ask […]

Professor Recs

David Scott Kastan I would take any Film Studies course taught by Francesco Casetti. He is breathtakingly smart — and, oh, that accent!  If he […]

MAGAZINE | Master Smith’s shopping list

Branford Master Steven Smith may be hanging up his boots and retiring from his Master duties next year, but he might use the extra time […]