Ever wondered what your high school crush is up to? How about your cute lab partner?

After Facebook’s ingeniously creepy Friendship Pages, the social networking site once again comes to satisfy our darkest desires. The Breakup Notifier, developed by Yale alum Dan Loewenherz ’09, enables Facebook users to keep tabs of the relationship statuses of their friends.

Loewenherz currently plans to let users monitor up to two of their Facebook friends for free, but $5 will be charged for stalking up to seven people.

However, Loewenherz expressed some concerns.

“I just really hope people use it for good, not evil,” he told the New York Daily News. “It’s really a practical thing. If you’re going to refresh someone’s page 20 times a day, why not have an alert on it?”

Of course the app relies on the fact that people will post their relationship updates on their profiles; but in the age of full disclosure we think you’re good.

[via New York Daily News]