Girl follows guy, guy follows girl but neither follows @jamesfranco.

As part of a catching trend among Ivies (See @IvyKidProblems), Yale has two new fake student Twitter accounts, @yalegrlproblems and @yaleguyproblems that started tweeting last week:

On Feb 18, @yaleguyproblems said:

I told her I had mono. #notresponsible

When on the same day @yalegrlproblem said:

He never told me he had mono. @yaleguyproblems

James Franco GRD ’16 started tweeting last week as well using the alias @jamesfranco, at the time this post was published, he was not following @Yale or any other Yale-related accounts. However, @yalegrlproblem’s most recent tweet as of 11:33 a.m. Monday was “Snow? I haven’t felt this betrayed since James Franco ignored my last text. #yalegirlproblems”