Four Loko, the nasty nectar often referred to as “blackout in a can, may be nastier than previously thought.

Nine students from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Wash., were hospitalized after an Oct. 8 house party in Roslyn, Wash. Initially, investigators believed the culprit to be some sort of date-rape drug, but CWU officials announced at a Monday press conference that the caffeinated malt beverage was to blame, according to the Associated Press. The nine students hospitalized had blood alcohol concentrations between .12 and .35; a BAC higher than .3 is potentially lethal.

Now, Washington attorney general Rob McKenna is asking the FDA to ban the beverage. If the FDA doesn’t respond, McKenna said, he’ll work with the state liquor board to ban sale of them in the Evergreen State.

Early this month, Ramapo College in New Jersey banned the drink after 23 intoxicated students were hospitalized over the course of a few weeks.

{via HuffPo]