Danny Serna
GIRLS: First Reactions

Last night, I ended up in Loria, at an advance showing of Lena Dunham’s “Girls,” a new HBO series starring Allison Williams ’10. The show […]

Missed Allison Williams ’10 on Letterman? Watch here

Allison Williams ’10, a star of the much-talked-about HBO series “Girls,” appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman Tuesday night. Letterman spends most of […]

Gant releases new ad featuring Yale students

On Monday, Gant launched a new ad campaign that features current undergrads, waxing poetic on life and fashion at Yale. Much of this waxing happens […]

Buying the flowers yourself

Screw April — January is the cruelest month. February’s pretty cruel, too. They’re boring and cold. This morning was ordinary. I woke, finished a problem […]

Takeaways from the Great Snowprise of 2K12

The National Weather Service predicted yesterday morning that three to five inches of snow would fall in New Haven, tapering off in the early afternoon. […]

Wake up, it’s snowing!

The weatherman wasn’t lying this time — Snow Bulldogs across campus are waking up to several inches of freshies on the ground. Total accumulation will […]

Read Linda Lorimer’s email on the new tailgate policy

University Vice President and Secretary Linda Lorimer sent an email Thursday afternoon outlining a number of changes to the University’s tailgate policy. Read the full […]

Tee hee hee the News gets pranked

In an email to the campus community Saturday afternoon, a mysterious sender named “Yale Daily News” claimed that the News would begin charging for its […]

Beyonce, Jay-Z might have named baby after Yale

Maybe you felt the whole Universe quaking all weekend long — I know I did — with each of her holiness Beyonce’s contractions as her […]

Watch Williams ’10 in teaser for new HBO show

Move over, Rhoda — a new series about young people trying to make it big in New York is coming to a digital video player […]

Top 10 Songs to Repeat Forever

There are many strategies for surviving Reading Week. Some people camp out at Book Trader, others stress eat pretzels and chocolate and chocolate-covered pretzels until […]