There’s a fight brewing in the Yale Law School family.

Two prominent YLS-children-turned-politicos, former President Bill Clinton LAW ’73 and U.S. Senate candidate from Alaska Joe Miller LAW ’95, engaged in a war of words after Clinton joked about Miller’s impact on the Law School’s reputation, according to the New York Daily News. During remarks at the Long Island Association for Commerce and Industry’s fall luncheon, held at a Woodbury country club, Clinton said Miller has helped to “to dispel the notion that Yale is an elite institution,” a source told the Daily News.

Miller’s campaign, of course, fired back right away.

“Bill Clinton is the last person who should be criticizing anyone for diminishing the reputation of Yale, the White House or any other institution,” Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto said when informed of Clinton’s remarks.

We wonder who will get called a Yale elitist next? Batman?