Freshman year, I took this really awesome fresh sem on 20th century American consumer culture. It was hands down the best-dressed class I’ve ever been in (short of Urban Design this semester).

Not only did everyone have really unique personal style reflected in fun, eclectic pieces, but every girl in the class except for me had apparently sat through some workshop on how to make a cool up-do. The look involved twisting and braiding of hair that in the end looked interesting and elegant on them. But when I tried, I looked like Pippi Longstocking gone wild.

IN ANY CASE, the class was littered with fashionistas. One of whom has reemerged from my freshman year past only to become our best dressed of the week.

Her name is Yena Lee, she’s a sophomore philosophy major hailing from Clarksburg, Maryland. (I see you, Yale Facebook!) When it comes to fashion, Yena lives by the “brighter is better” model, giving her a fun, confident, youthful, hip look that’s perfect for Spring and a glimmering beacon of sartorial hope in the otherwise drab winter months.

I asked where she looked for (fashion) inspiration—she said 2NE1. I thought this was some e-mail code glitch, or a typo that really meant to say 2. Ne1 (as in anyone). FALSE. She was talking about these chicks who, while incredibly over-the-top, look so much cooler than I ever will.

Anyway, the point here is that style icons are great as long as you’re not emulating every single aspect of their look. Yena’s take away from 2NE1’s style is bright colors, which she wears super well with this yellow urban outfitters dress and green Naraya handbag. You can also check out some perfect shops like We Are Roar if you’re looking for exclusive statement pieces, stylish staples and bespoke accessories!

My hands-down favorite part of this outfit is the shoes. These little espadrille gems are from GAP Kids.

Buying things from the kids department is a fantastic shopping trick for petite girls, though admittedly awk to do in some stores. It’s especially beneficial in a store like GAP or Old Navy, where the sizes run big [size 20 in Macy’s but size 6 in Old Navy!]. This typically won’t work for bottoms but coats, jackets, shoes, dresses and even tunics that you could turn into mini-dresses will often fit petite girls better than women’s clothes, and you’ll never have to worry about anyone other than your little cousin (and me) having the same thing.

Way to consume, Yena.

(Photos: Eva Galvan/Photography Editor)