Thirteen Yale seniors have been offered Fulbright Scholarships this year, the Office of Fellowship Programs announced today.

The Fulbright is the largest American program of its kind offering opportunities to study, research and teach abroad.  At this time last year, 11 Yalies had been awarded Fulbright Scholarships.

This year’s winners will travel to 10 different countries. Decisions from Egypt, Syria and Macau are still pending, said Director of Fellowship Programs Linda DeLaurentis.

Full list of winners after the jump.

Class of 2009 Fulbright recipients

  • Nathaniel Becker ’09 of Davenport College (China)
  • Laura Bennett ’09 of Timothy Dwight College (Spain)
  • Katherine French  of Davenport College (Germany)
  • Nan Guo ’09 of Saybrook College (Finland)
  • Adam Horowitz ’09 of Trumbull College (Colombia)
  • Andrew Klein ’09 of Saybrook College (Uganda)
  • Adam Marblestone ’09 of Jonathan Edwards College (France)
  • Patrick McCarthy ’09 of Morse College (China)
  • Christine Nguyen ’09 of Morse College (Vietnam)
  • Janet Noh ’09 of Silliman College (South Korea) – declined
  • Brittany Robinson ’09 of Branford College (Hong Kong)
  • Amy Rothschild ’09 of Silliman College (Spain)
  • Eileen Zelek ’09 of Pierson College (Mexico)