Although she is new to student politics, Victoria Gilcrease ’12, a candidate for Yale College Council secretary, believes her outsider perspective is part of why she will be more than a glorified minutes-taker.

“It gives me an Obama-like aura of being an underdog,” she said. “I think my candidacy might be a breath of fresh air.”

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A Houston, Texas, native, Gilcrease feels the YCC has the potential to positively affect the community, and she wants to be a part of it.

Though Gilcrease has never run for a student government position before attending Yale, she is confident about her decision to run. She said she believes that college is a better environment for student government.

“Since coming here, I have felt more like I personally could make a difference,” she said. “Yet [Yale] students aren’t making as much of a difference as I’d want them to.”

Gilcrease admitted that her opponents all have “good ideas”. But, other than being the only female running for secretary, she said, her creativity, vision and cultural background all help make her unique.

“My Mexican background and Native American background put me in touch with the cultural groups,” she said. “I feel like I generally have different experiences and different visions that set me apart from different candidates.”

Gilcrease said she wants to target three groups: the New Haven community (through community service within the residential college system), Yale staff (through meet and greet events), and students and YCC members (by revamping the Web site).

“The Web site is useful if you use it,” she said. “But if you don’t, you have no idea what’s going on.”

Additionally, Gilcrease said she knows she can work with the executive board to help the YCC live up to the standards of being the liaison between the students and the administration.

“I can’t make projects [like Spring Fling] happen, but I can be an important link in making these projects happen,” she said. “The job is about communication.”