Snigdha Sur
Featuring foreign film

Within this year, the Film Studies Program will have featured films from Japan, Korea, Italy, Russia, Sweden, India, the Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia and Taiwan. Yale […]

Indian cinema scholars convene

The annual conference of the Yale Film Studies Program brought Indian cinema to campus this past weekend. Six 35 mm films by Indian directors were […]

Lessons, and hope, from 1916

It’s November, and with only one win against Harvard in the last eight years, Yale football fans are apprehensive before The Game. A new coach […]

Fair boasts music, limited food

Students who flocked to Old Campus on Sunday afternoon savored an array of international treats, including candy apples and pears dipped in red wine. The […]

New Haven’s own tennis-themed ‘American Idol’

  Last week, all that stood between ambitious kids and a spot on center court at the Pilot Pen tennis tournament was the singer JoJo. […]

Watch out, Pepe’s: Zinc to open a pizzeria

Given the legacy of Pepe’s and Sally’s, the co-owner of the restaurant Zinc, Donna Curran, admitted it herself: “Do pizza in this town? That sounded […]

Briefly: For lunch in city public schools, whole grains make debut

Whole grain pancakes, rather than ones made from white flour mix, were served for the first time in New Haven Public Schools last Friday as […]

Divinity School housing renovations delayed

As the economic recession deepens, the residents of the Yale Divinity School’s Canner Street apartments are increasingly doubtful that their residences will be replaced, much […]

On the ground: Workers react to labor contract decision

Striding into Battell Chapel before a vote on their new three-year labor contract, a group of women chanted at the top of their lungs. “We […]

YCC Secretary: Victoria Gilcrease ’12

Although she is new to student politics, Victoria Gilcrease ’12, a candidate for Yale College Council secretary, believes her outsider perspective is part of why […]

Sales rise for fast-food chains

Despite a recent rise in its popularity that is being attributed to the flailing economy, fast food may not be as cost-efficient as some people […]