Yalies who live on campus, eat in dining halls or participate in student organizations have been or will be impacted by the work of Katrina Landeta ’10.

Serving terms as both Yale College Council and Freshman Class Council representatives, Latenda has made her presence felt at Yale. Not only has Landeta chaired the YCC’s gender-neutral-housing committee, but she has also worked for better dining options, served on the YCC’s outreach team and coordinated CommUNITY week.

As a leader, Landeta says she is set apart by her involvements in multiple organizations beyond the YCC. Landeta is president of Yale’s Filipino club, and she also holds positions within the Asian-American Cultural Center, IvyCouncil, the Women’s Center and The Politic.

Landeta said her involvements in these organizations make her an “insider and an outsider to the YCC,” giving her an understanding of the needs of student groups on campus.

“YCC should work not only for students but also with them,” she said.

For this reason, as YCC president, Landeta said she would engage students in both the creation and maintenance of different campus initiatives.

To accomplish this goal, Landeta said she intends to allow students to present ideas for the Student Development Directive directly before the YCC. She would also implement weekly updates to keep students aware of important YCC initiatives.

Still, Landeta said one of her greatest priorities is to build a stronger community at Yale, especially given recent acts of hate speech on campus. Whether fighting for students favoring gender-neutral housing or soliciting ideas for campus initiatives, Landeta’s projects emphasize a close connection between students and the YCC, she said, which would only continue should she be elected president.

“It is essential that we have student input on each and every project we have,” she said.

Andrew Brannan ’09, who has worked with Landeta as a fellow YCC representative from Branford College, said that as a Branford representative, Landeta has been committed to keeping Branford students informed about YCC projects.

“She’s often volunteering to take the lead on projects,” he said. “She’s always attending the Branford College Council meetings … [and] always listening to the interests of Branford and acting on them.”

While her commitment in other campus groups may lessen if she is elected president, Landeta said her experience will allow her to meet the needs of all campus organizations.

“My involvements show how much energy I have for Yale,” Landeta said. “If I were to take on the position of president, I could focus all that energy on one role and on the needs of every group on campus.”

“That only comes with having experience in those kinds of campus groups,” she said.

Landeta hails from Winnetka, Calif., and attended Cleveland High School, where she was junior-class president and director of social events her senior year.