A swarm of parents will descend on Yale’s campus today to partake in annual Parents’ Weekend rituals — sitting in on popular lectures, touring the Yale University Art Gallery and meeting the masters and deans of their children’s residential colleges.

The weekend’s events begin this afternoon and will offer parents a glimpse into the life of a typical Yalie — including specialized tours, panel discussions, discounted a capella concerts and the opportunity to volunteer on the Yale Farm.

On Saturday, nine varsity athletic teams, including men’s and women’s soccer, football and field hockey, will compete at home. In the evening, masters will host receptions in their houses, followed by dinner in the residential colleges.

Several freshmen said they were looking forward to Parents’ Weekend as an opportunity to show how well they are handling their newfound independence.

Cassandra Trujillo ’11 said Parents’ Weekend seems like a way for freshmen to put their parents at ease by giving them a look at the University they now call home.

“I’m looking forward to showing my parents around campus and showing them that I am able to take care of myself,” Trujillo said.

Students said they are pleased about the wide variety of activities and events being held on campus over the weekend to help them keep their parents occupied.

On the whole, students said they are pleased that there are enough events on campus to give their parents a fuller sense of what happens at Yale.

“I’m glad that there are opportunities for my parents to see all the different aspects of Yale,” Laura Vrana ’11 said. “My parents are coming to see ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and to go to at least three a cappella concerts.”

But some students felt the multitude of parents would put a damper on their weekend plans.

“This weekend won’t be as fun as usual because all the parties are going to be pretty subdued,” said one freshman who asked to remain anonymous.

Even students whose parents are not coming to campus expressed excitement about the weekend.

Although her parents would not be coming this year, Jessica Lane ’10 said it is always fun to see friends’ parents.

Lulu Cheng ’08 said she is glad her parents are coming even though she is a senior. She said that a visit from parents is a nice reminder that they still cared about how she was doing.

There are also many students on campus whose parents will never be able to visit during the school year.

Gina Choe ’11, an international student, said Parents’ Weekend will always be just like any other weekend.

“I don’t feel lonely or like I’m missing out,” Choe said. “But I would have liked for them to see where I’m living and studying.”

Parents’ Weekend begins late Friday morning with lunch in the residential colleges and ends Sunday evening.