The votes are in, and the class of 2008 has its new class council leaders.

Bill Fishel ’08 and Haven Reininger ’08 have been elected Senior Class Council Treasurer and Secretary, Assistant Dean Edgar Letriz announced in an e-mail sent Monday evening. The online YaleStation polls opened Monday last week and closed on Friday.

Fishel, who ran against two other contestants, said he will work with Letriz and Reininger to select the other members of the SCC board in the fall.

“I look forward to working with my co-officer to make our senior year as exciting and fulfilling as possible,” he said.

Treasurer and Secretary are the sole leadership roles in the SCC.

SCC is responsible for arranging various activities for the graduating class, including organizing the annual Halloween Masquerade Ball, collecting donations for the Senior Gift and selecting a Class Day speaker.

Reininger, who defeated three other candidates for secretary, will also be responsible for alumni relations for five years after Commencement, which entails following the activities of the class of 2008 and writing news briefs for the Yale Alumni Magazine about students’ post-graduation accomplishments. Reininger said he hopes to organize events that will encourage seniors to meet and build relationships with members of the class who are not in their residential colleges.

“Yale is kind of fractured in certain respects,” he said. “I think it’d be great for seniors to get to know other seniors outside of their social circle.”

Fishel has served as the Freshman Class Council chair and the Yale College Council Representative from Calhoun, and he is currently the Calhoun College Council President and a class of 2008 representative to the Yale Alumni Fund. Reininger is president of the Jonathan Edwards College Council and has served on the council for three years.