Judy Wang
Latino heritage binds Elis, locals

More than 30 years ago, members of the Latino community in the New Haven area strived to make the first Latino students at Yale feel […]

Weak dollar increases costs of study abroad

As the value of the U.S. dollar takes a plunge, Elis spending this term abroad are feeling the strain, even as foreign students here spend […]

Students join in ‘Jena Six’ protests

Yale students are seeking ways to show their support for the Louisiana black teenagers known as the “Jena Six.” The Black Student Alliance at Yale […]

Univ. boosts ties with India

In a demonstration that Yale’s interests in Asia extend far south of the Great Wall, the University is taking up a number of initiatives to […]

Chun proves popular with Berkeleyites

Like many college students, Marvin Chun sleeps an average of four hours every night. But Chun’s sleep deprivation comes from assigning coursework rather than completing […]

YSFP cooks up tomato workshop

When life gives you tomatoes, make tomato sauce. About two dozen students did just that Thursday afternoon at the Yale Farm, when they convened to […]

Vigil reflects on tragedy

Standing before a makeshift altar laden with flowers, fruit, candles and a golden statuette of Buddha, a man clad in long gray robes strikes a […]

Studies rank publications’ popularity

Ever wondered why your favorite magazine seems to disappear from dining halls immediately, while others linger in piles for weeks? Why your favorite Yale College […]

Freshmen tackle topic of racism

Racism is a system of advantage based on race, a combination of racial prejudice and social power. Because they benefit from this arrangement, almost all […]

Municipal ID program receives wide support among aldermen

As a whirlwind of city illegal immigrants, city activists and Yalies descended on City Hall on Thursday, their rallying point — New Haven’s proposed municipal […]

Arab alums to form group

Yale students and alumni hailing from different parts of the Arab world may soon find it easier to find each other. A group of students […]