The Yale School of Architecture kicked off a new exhibition yesterday which showcases the exemplary work of some of their up-and-coming recent graduates.

Yale President Richard Levin spoke at an opening ceremony last night for the show, which occupies the gallery space on the ground floor of the Art and Architecture building. The exhibition, called “New Blue,” highlights the contributions and achievements of alumni whose graduation dates range from 1978 to 1998. The architects, who range from post-modernists to classical revivalists, have their work featured on hanging posters and mounted displays.

“There is an amazing variety represented here in the tradition of Yale architecture,” Levin said. “It is based on a culture of diversity.”

The eclectic mix includes designs for buildings like the energetic Nestle company headquarters building in Switzerland imagined by Jacques Richter ARC ’84 and Ignacio Dahl Rocha ARC ’84, the Gilder Boathouse at Yale by faculty member Eeva-Liisa Pelkonan ARC ’94 and the Civil Rights Monument in Montgomery, Ala. by Maya Lin ’81 ARC ’83. Other highlights include expansive private homes, resorts, Ivy League dormitories and city libraries.

“This exhibition speaks volumes about the character and nature of this school,” Levin said. “It says we are proud of our younger grads, just beginning to make marks in the field.”

Architecture School Dean Robert Stern noted the beauty of the featured work.

“If we took everyone from the last 50 to 100 years, it would only be more amazing,” Stern said.

Some of the most breathtaking work was the simple grace and curvature of works by architects like Thomas Kligerman ’82 and Charles Dilworth ’79, ARC ’83, but also included was the creative sculpture of artists like Ted Mahl ARC ’82 and Granger Moorehead ARC ’95. Even Constance Adams’ ARC ’96 work on new space technology and vehicles was on display.

The open space that the exhibition occupies in the Art and Architecture Building was the first portion of the building to be restored to its original design plan in the building’s recent renovations. The rest will be re-done in the near future under the guidance of David Childs ’63 ARC ’67.