Chris Rovzar
The greatest story ever told. Ever.

At the end of my freshman year, I had a damaging experience. The kind of experience that changes the way you look at life forever. […]

Winter sucks — yeah, we know, so buck up

I have an announcement to make: It’s cold. It’s snowy. Winter sucks. I just wanted to clear that up for everybody, once and for all. […]

A parent’s guide to inflicting psychological damage

I realized over this winter break that all of our parents are crazy. And, in turn, that they have made us all crazy in some […]

Tall (drunken) tales from a Yalie who knows

I have a problem. And if you are a wild and crazy Yalie like me, you probably have it, too. In fact, I know you […]

Rovzar builds his resume with geriatric nudity

I’ve always been impressed with the things that Yalies do for their summer vacations. I’ve heard the most amazing stories. Some people were teargassed, some […]

Touching, poignant ‘Vagina’ opens at Shubert

Eve Ensler was worried about vaginas. So she traveled around the world asking women questions like “If your vagina got dressed, what would it wear?” […]

Cross Campus filled with candles, silence

Nearly 3,000 students silently converged on Cross Campus last night to commemorate the tragedies of yesterday’s terrorist attacks. Yale President Richard Levin and University Chaplain […]

Long Wharf Theater loses its artistic director

In a move that shocked New Haven theatergoers, Doug Hughes, the artistic director of The Long Wharf Theater, resigned from his position this summer following […]

Exhibition shows off recent grads’ designs

The Yale School of Architecture kicked off a new exhibition yesterday which showcases the exemplary work of some of their up-and-coming recent graduates. Yale President […]

‘StaXXX’ trailer has stacks — and some skin

Porn ‘N Chicken delivered a hint of the former and none of the latter at its much-hyped Tercentennial weekend preview of “The StaXXX.” Rather than […]

Drama dean is leaving; is prestige already gone?

Members of the Yale drama community are beginning to wonder why almost a full year after Stan Wojewodski, the dean of the Yale School of […]