A Jane Austen adaptation club?

February 29, 2008
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a classic book in possession of an interesting plot must be in want of an adaptation. “Pride and Prejudice,” directed by Avital Rutenberg Schoenberg ’09, proves this truth once again in a delightful mixture of wit, irony, British accents and 19th century dances. Playwright Marcus Goodwin’s 2000 adaptation »

‘Eye’ for an eye, toothaches and pain

February 15, 2008
Flimsy “Scream”-mask-meets-Martian-figures representing death appear from the supernatural world. Ghosts with disfigured faces visit the heroine. There are noises behind locked doors; there are screams. The horror movie ingredients are there, but it doesn’t work: “The Eye” is an eyesore. Directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud, “The Eye” is about a blind girl, Sydney »

A young Norwegian offers us phantasmagoria, raisins

February 8, 2008
Flying trolls, wild reindeer hunts, raining popcorn, belly dancers, shipwrecks and lunatic asylums are all illuminated by eerie light — now green, now blue, now yellow. “Peer Gynt” at the Yale School of Drama is an epic phantasmagoria, an odyssey in search of identity that successfully mingles the surreal, the bizarre and the exotic. Henrik »

Ellen Page as teenage statistic ‘Juno’ doesn’t bother you? Honest to blog?

February 1, 2008
Watching “Juno” is like opening your mailbox to find it overflowing with boxes of your favorite candy. It is sweet, it is thoughtful, and it fills you to the brim with happiness that has less to do with glucose than with the surprise of having received it. Yet Jason Reitman’s “Juno” is not really about »

Lord, have mercy on Rep’s ‘Trouble’

November 9, 2007
Incessant, quick, confident knocks at the door kick off “Trouble in Mind” at the Yale Repertory Theater. The knock knock knocking reflects the stiletto clad assurance of Wiletta Mayer (Faye Butler); it also reflects the hilarious, fast-paced repartee of the play’s dialogues. What it doesn’t do is prepare the audience for a shaking anti-lynch mob »

Wheelchair-bound no longer, ‘Icarus’ flies

October 12, 2007
“They’re nuts,” Beau says, referring to all the other characters in Edwin Sanchez’s “Icarus,” and the audience is tempted to agree that the characters really are nuts. A girl with a deformed face half-encourages, half-coerces a boy in a wheelchair to swim. A man with a briefcase talks to a stuffed cat. He writes fan »

‘Summer’ art on autumn wall

October 5, 2007
Gas masks, paint, wooden houses, owls and more paint. If these images don’t immediately come to mind when you hear “Summer Heat,” the name of the Undergraduate Art Exhibition at the School of Art, the show may come as a surprise. Yet the surprise is exhilarating and pleasant — a viable alternative for vacationing in »