Zeynep Pamuk
Rudolph rededicated

The old Art & Architecture building probably would have been demolished long ago if razing it were not cost-prohibitive. But that prospect was unthinkable on […]

Back to former glory, A&A named for Rudolph

Since it was built in 1963, Paul Rudolph’s Art & Architecture Building has survived a fire, undergone dramatic renovations and been derided by critics for […]

Productions have ‘added to richness’

The World Performance Project introduced the study of performance as an academic discipline just two years ago. Now, in its last year of funding, the […]

YUAG to work on broadening collection

John Trumbull’s famous painting “The Declaration of Independence” will surely retain its position at the Yale University Art Gallery, but it may soon be surrounded […]

Viewing the city, via studio

An ordinary walking tour of New Haven does not entail going into nondescript buildings on Orange, Church or Court streets, climbing up dark, rickety staircases […]

‘Passion,’ in three parts

Queen Elizabeth is not the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of passion plays — nor is Adolf Hitler, nor capering fish. […]

The 35mm experience

The crowd that filled the Whitney Humanities Center on Friday night seemed to be an ordinary group of cinephiles, eating and drinking at the reception […]

Over zoning rights, a bar fight ensues

The battle between two local liquor stores — one largely frequented by college students and the other popular among higher-income locals — is rooted in […]

Forum dissects human figure across mediums

Take “The Artist’s Studio” by Vermeer and replace the painting’s Muse of History in a voluminous blue robe with a naked woman. Now replace the […]

Divinity School embraces science

In the Middle Ages, the solution to the clash between religion and science was easy: Heretics were burned at the stake. In the 21st century, […]

Officials debate city code of ethics

New Haven aldermen on Monday debated the merits of a proposed Code of Ethics drafted to prevent corruption among city officials and employees. The New […]