Can you think of a better word for "E"?

From Anonymity to Acronym

April 12, 2013
The term SWUG, suffocatingly popular, has swept our campus, and now, the entire nation like a pandemic.
Are you afraid to get in the glass elevator?

Getting in the Glass Elevator

January 18, 2013
When does childhood end?

Getting comfortable being crumbly

September 14, 2012
I’m getting creaky. And, goddamn, it’s really throwing a wrench in my self-perceived invincibility. It feels like just yesterday I was climbing trees ’til the branches snapped beneath me, jumping to the ground from 15 feet up knowing that my knees would simply absorb the impact, like putty, or pillows or something equally cushy. I »
Who knew gator hunting could be so boring?

Swamp People: Who knew hunting savage gators was so boring?

February 26, 2012
“The way of life depicted in this program dates back 300 years. Hunting, especially alligator hunting, lies at its core. Some images may be disturbing…viewer discretion advised.” There are a few features I consider clutch, crowd-pleasing components of any standard reality show: character variety, diversification of activities, and changes in scenery. “Swamp People,” in its »
Is a plastic surgery the way to finding true love at the altar — for the real you?


February 17, 2012
TERROR. It is not the emotion by which I’m usually struck when I watch a reality show. Incredulity, amusement, disgust — sure. But terror, the kind that has your skin tingling, your heart dipping into an unsettling, irregular beat and your shoulders cringing up to your earlobes, does not normally accompany competitions with “top brides” »
Beer goggles non-requisite for "Dating in the Dark."

Dating in the dark

February 3, 2012
“Inside this secluded house, a most unusual dating experiment is about to take place…” Intrigued? You should be. If the James Bond-esque music brooding behind this voice over didn’t have your heightened attention, then this reality show’s title will: “Dating in the Dark.” Everything about this show –– which ran on ABC for two seasons »

“Virgin Diaries” Harbinger of a Sexual Paradigm Shift?

January 28, 2012
“Less chewing. Not supposed to be so chewy.” That’s Ellen DeGeneres, responding to couple Ryan and Shanna’s wedding kiss. Why so notable? This kiss, which ABC’s Nightline tagged as “one of the most cringe-worthy kisses in television history” has served as the shocking selling point for TLC’s new program, “The Virgin Diaries.” According to its »

From 100, make one

January 20, 2012
Heart-strung bachelor #99 has 20 minutes of “Gold Time” Chinese TV to auction himself off to a host of eager ladies. He is bolstered by the electronic display of his salary, a mediocre (but nonetheless heavily praised) singing performance and his “VCR” — a short video providing an unglamorous glimpse into his life. His chances »
A frustrating fantasy.
"Bad bitch, Y town."