Tao Tao Holmes
HOLMES: Trusting Cantabs and serendipity

Our biennial pilgrimage to Harvard rests on a transient trust in chance and the unknown — two ambiguous entities that most Yalies have long striven to avoid.

HOLMES: Cooking Dad’s slippers

My dad whips up a mean slice of toast. His freshly brewed tea is hard to beat, and his omelettes are amazingly edible. That said, […]

HOLMES: Love our food

I remember being younger and hearing horror stories about college: students surviving off ramen, the kleptomaniac roommate, bouncing hot dogs, the nymphomaniac roommate, mystery meat, […]

HOLMES: The perks of a double

I got annexed. But that was hardly the concern. The concern was that tucked up away in the lofty fifth floor of Vanderbilt, my suitemates […]

Say What? Saybrew

I don’t really like beer. I remember one of the first times I ever tried it, at an Easter gathering. I was about 12, and […]

I never called white kids lazy

According to the Internet, I, Tao Tao Holmes, consider white kids lazy and spoiled. You caught me red-handed. I hereby admit to being a rampant, […]

Things not to say to your parents over break

I mean, a B+ is pretty good. I went to lecture, like, twice all semester. I’ve really learned to appreciate new lifestyles. Guys, you don’t […]

We all run wrong

So I run wrong. I got it. And the more I run, the worse it’s gonna get – the more I’m going to kill my […]

The New Party Suites

A dim, luminous red pulses at the end of the long dormitory hallway. As I draw nearer, the walls begin to throb against me, and […]

Professor Recs

Toshiyuki Shimada On the top of the list Yo-Yo Ma, although he is a Harvard grad. He can cross over to any type of music. […]

Top 10 Stores To Bring To New Haven

1. Jamba Juice: Nothing does it like a chilled fruit smoothie. I’m sick and tired of coffee, froyo, and bubble tea! Scrap Willoughby’s or Starbucks […]