Learning the basics.

A Growing Taste on Campus

February 14, 2014
The opportunity to try on a chef’s hat is a boon to many interested in exploring the culinary arts at Yale, as there is both wide student interest and administrative support. The goal for many food entrepreneurs, therefore, often lies in honing that experimental energy, while resisting getting lost in complexity.
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Toad’s: Business or Pleasure?

February 7, 2014
Tessa Berenson ‘14 and Lisa Lin ‘14 can’t quite describe Toad’s. Lin looks at her computer screen thoughtfully. Berenson seems unable to find the perfect word to describe the York Street nightclub. And then, suddenly, Lin starts and exclaims: “Wait! Remember that article?” Going from pensive to determined, she begins to type. Berenson watches. “Here, it’s called Eight Underappreciated College Campuses You Have to Check Out.”