After New Haven classic Educated Burgher closed the curtains on a 37 year-run this past month, two prime locations along Yale’s Broadway Shopping District have now become vacant.

Owners Kosta Vastakis, his brother, Jimmy, and their mother, Joanne, helped the independent burger and breakfast spot outlast other family-owned spots in the city including the Yankee Doodle eatery and Cutler’s Records – places that folded much earlier as more and more national businesses descended on the area adjacent to Yale’s campus.

However, the family said in an interview with the New Haven Register that they could not attract enough customers to compete with the larger surrounding restaurants and shops.

“The business just isn’t there anymore,” Kosta Vastakis said. “Times have changed. [There are] so many restaurants, and competition is fierce.”

Vastakis also said in the interview that he would especially miss Yale reunion weekends, during which many alumni returned to the restaurant.

Landlord Tom Vitagliano said he could not comment on who the new landlord could be in the 53 Broadway space.

There is also still no word on what establishment will succeed Au Bon Pain in the coveted location at the corner of York and Broadway. For nearly a decade, ABP attracted numerous Yalies and New Haven residents, but the coffee and sandwich chain shut its doors in May 2013.

In an earlier interview with the News, University Properties said that they were still searching for an ideal tenant and have shown the One Broadway location to several interested businesses.