All the news in fits of print

February 3, 2012 • 1834
Upon arriving at the New Haven Register’s 13-acre property and walking into their building by Long Wharf, we saw just what we had expected: rows and rows of reporters’ desks piled with papers and people busily chatting on phones and typing on their computers. But in the very same building is a pressroom responsible for »

A Native Place

November 11, 2011 • 29
The average Yale student comes to college from a public school east of the Mississippi. In traveling to New Haven, these Elis leave behind family and friends. A select few also leave behind their tribal nation. “I come from a very distinct background,” Chris Brown ’15 said. “It’s complete sand and desert, painted valleys and »

Kimberly Peirce: writer, director, social critic

November 5, 2010 • 0
Kimberly Peirce is the acclaimed writer and director of “Boys Don’t Cry,” the 1999 Oscar-winning film based on the heartwrenching story of the rape and murder of Brandon Teena in Falls City, Nebraska. More recently, she directed “Stop-Loss” (2008), inspired by the experiences of soldiers, like her younger brother, who were required to serve extra »