Christopher Peak
Cookies come to Chapel

Freshmen, beware: cookies add to the freshman 15, and with the addition of Insomnia Cookies to the late-night food scene, this may be a real […]

Cross Campus Presents: 2011 through the Lens

It’s been a busy year for Yale and New Haven. Scroll through the gallery below for some of the year’s most lasting images. [showcase id=”247″]

Homeless shelters prepare for winter

With winter fast approaching, the Elm City is gearing up for the seasonal surge of homeless people seeking shelter from the cold. This year, however, […]

Rededication ceremony caps Stiles renovations

More than two months after a renovated Ezra Stiles opened its doors to students, University President Richard Levin officially rededicated the college. With the snip […]

Control Group builds ‘CGeodesic Yurt’ on Old Campus

Control Group, Yale’s experimental theater crew, erected what [ydn-legacy-photo-inline el_id=”25345″ ] they call The CGeodesic Yurt on Old Campus. The nearly dodecahedral structure was made […]

Stamping out cancer

On the March: Yale’s Relay for Life, which ran from 5 p.m. Saturday until 5 p.m. Sunday in Payne Whitney Gymnasium’s Lanman Center, featured student […]

Easter comes early on the Green

Children scour the New Haven Green for hidden Easter eggs during the annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. Contributing photographer Chris Peak captures the cheerful […]