‘Surviving Progress’ with primeval brainpower

April 13, 2012
“Surviving Progress” is not a film for first dates or one where you can stuff your face with popcorn and walk out of the theater wearing a big smile and feeling pleased about the future of humanity. Quite the contrary, the film examines the economic, technological and environmental cost of “progress” in our modern, American »

A visit to the Green Gallery

October 14, 2011
Over the summer, 26 top art undergraduates hailing from various universities across the United States were given the chance to spend six weeks swimming in art in Norfolk. Another group of summer session students hit Auvillar with the legendary Robert Reed BFA ’60 ART ’62 for one month of studio painting and drawing. Reed is »

John Morén: Swede, hottie, kind of taciturn

September 16, 2011
Lead singer of Peter Bjorn and John, a Swedish indie rock band, Peter Morén spoke to WEEKEND amidst PB&J’s “All You Can Eat” tour. The band has been together since 1999 and is famous for its hit single, “Young Folks” that played in the popular-to-everyone-except-PB&J TV show, Gossip Girl. The song was a top 20 »

MFA show shows something that might be nothing

September 16, 2011
When welcomed by a Basquiat-like blackboard — colored with what appears to be random scribbles — you instantly know that the artists whose work is displayed at the Second Year MFA Student Exhibition plan to compete with masters. Not surprisingly, the trippy three-dimensional space they create in the Art School gallery is fantastic. The whitewashed »

‘Fresh Meat’ overcooked and underdone

April 22, 2011
For a performance entitled “Fresh Meat,” I wasn’t really expecting such a dramatic opening, featuring a family that discovers that their seventeen-year-old son is terminally ill and is going to die soon. It was kind of intense. Written by freshmen Jesse Schreck ’14 and Ethan Karetsky ’14, “Fresh Meat” consists of three one-act plays. “Stages” »

Tune your set to the GrooveTube

April 15, 2011
Do you think Q-Pac girls can get it? Then you haven’t been to a Groove dance show. The members of the company dance, seduce and grind. They even do the splits. If Yale is all about diversity, then Groove’s dance show sums that motto up in their hour-long performance, GrooveTube. The company, which was founded »