Allen Granzberg ’13 has a three-pronged approach to his possible future as chair of the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee: increase outreach and transparency, decrease funding costs for student groups, and increase interaction between the student organizations.

As a member of the UOFC for the past two years, Granzberg has worked on the organization’s capital equipment and the special desk committees, and has organized the past two UOFC NOW dances. In the coming year he plans to hold regular, themed meetings and study breaks in an effort to make the UOFC more accessible to Yale students and groups.

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Granzberg said he understands the troubles student groups face finding funding, as a member of the Latin dance group Sabrosura and president of the Yale ballroom dancing team, and hopes to overcome them when he is elected. He intends to set up an online forum for funding where groups can ask questions.

“[This] would help encourage groups to question the functioning of the organization, which I think is very important,” Granzberg said.

Granzberg also said he wants to increase interaction with New Haven businesses. With increased cooperation between Yale and New Haven, Granzberg said he expects that costs for UOFC will fall drastically.

Murong Yang ’12, director of UOFC’s Capital Equipment Rental Program, said that Allen is one of the few people on board who has had experience both with the funding system and the equipment rental program, an important experience for a position that handles large amounts of money.

Granzberg is an ethics, politics & economics major and is interested in entrepreneurship and law.

Correction: April 12, 2011

An earlier version of this article misspelled his first name in one instance and should have noted that he is on the special events committee.