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Yanni: Vote Adamo for treasurer

The increasingly bizarre race for Yale College Council treasurer just got even stranger. Freshman Class Council Representative Yanni Legmpelos ’12, who finished third to Colin Adamo ’10 and FCC President Adam Thomas ’12, says he is now backing — wait for it — Adamo. “I hope he wins,” Legmpelos said. “I’m excited to see what »

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The YouTube campaign begins

The YCC campaigning has begun in earnest — at least for Jon Wu ’11 and Ryan Beauchamp ’10, both running for YCC President. Signs with “Ryan Beauchamp for President” or simply, “WU!” dot bulletin boards around campus. Students eating lunch can examine the finer details of Beauchamp’s face on table tents. And Facebookers are undoubtedly »

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Wheels up: a bus leaves New Haven

By Eric Randall NEW HAVEN, 10:44 p.m. — The AACC bus just left New Haven. People are chattering and seem excited to finally be underway. I am settling in to get some reading done before I pass out.

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The calm before the storm

By Eric Randall NEW HAVEN, 4:14 p.m. — Economizing has never been so important. As the esteemed YDN news editor Zack Abrahamson told me, “Prepare for this as if you’re going into a war zone.” With a predicted high of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and no backpacks allowed in many areas of the city, I will »