The increasingly bizarre race for Yale College Council treasurer just got even stranger. Freshman Class Council Representative Yanni Legmpelos ’12, who finished third to Colin Adamo ’10 and FCC President Adam Thomas ’12, says he is now backing — wait for it — Adamo.

“I hope he wins,” Legmpelos said. “I’m excited to see what he does.”

Because no candidate won a majority of votes and Adamo and Thomas were within five percentage points of one another, election rules dictate that a run-off between the two must take place this Thursday.

The stances taken by the two candidates are about as divergent as any competitors in the YCC race this year.

Thomas’ candidacy statement, for instance, advocates for greater incorporation of student opinion through increased surveys and stronger connections between the YCC and class councils.

Adamo’s also advocates for better diplomatic relations, although his stance is decidedly more urgent: “[I support] improved diplomatic relations with the Trucial States of Quilthar. Without access to the deep-sea vessels constructed by their expert craftsmen, we risk losing a substantial portion of our trading revenues.”

Although Adamo — who says he aspires to “discover treasure as treasurer” — did not participate in either a mandatory orientation meeting for candidates or a mandatory endorsement meeting, the election committee ruled Monday night that his excuses were legitimate and that his bid for office would be permitted.

The polls will open Thursday at 9 a.m. and close at midnight.