University | 7:27 pm | October 6, 2012 | By Daniel Stern

New Yorker publishes short story by Keegan ’12

Marina Keegan '12.

More than four months after her death, Marina Keegan’s ’12 prose continues to live on. On Friday, the New Yorker published “Cold Pastoral,” a short story by Keegan, the prolific Yale writer who died in a car crash near Dennis, Mass. over the summer. In the first paragraph of “Cold Pastoral,” the reader hears from »

University | 6:29 pm | October 3, 2012 | By Daniel Stern

Wenzel photo contest returns for a second year

Workers at Alpha Delta Pizza were spotted wearing these new pinnies as they dished up delicious wenzels.

We all know what you’d do for a $7 Wenzel: You’d stagger three blocks in a half-drunken stupor — braving traffic and peer judgment — from Toad’s to Alpha Delta Pizza. But what would you do for just one free Wenzel? What would you do for an entire school year’s worth of free Wenzels? For »