We all know what you’d do for a $7 Wenzel: You’d stagger three blocks in a half-drunken stupor — braving traffic and peer judgment — from Toad’s to Alpha Delta Pizza.

But what would you do for just one free Wenzel? What would you do for an entire school year’s worth of free Wenzels?

For the second consecutive year, the Yale College Council has partnered with Alpha Delta Pizza to hold a “What Would You Do For a Wenzel” photo contest, which invites current Yalies to upload photos showing the absurd, dangerous or otherwise hilarious lengths they would go for a school year’s worth of Wenzels. (For the uninitiated: the Wenzel grinder — named after Eric Wenzel ’04 — is basically a glorified buffalo chicken sub.)

According to a YCC email bulletin, entrants can submit their photographs — which must, somewhere in the image, include a Wenzel sandwich — to Trumbull College Representative Paul Parell ’15 between Oct. 7-14. After all of the photographs are collected, students will be encouraged to vote for their favorites on the YCC’s Facebook page.

The photograph with the most “likes” will win the competition, and the genius behind its creation will receive one “Free Wenzel” coupon for each week remaining in the school year.

Last year, Matthew Breuer ’14, Andrew Winter ’14 and David Crosson ’14 collaborated to win the competition; their photo staged a reenactment of the iconic scene from Showtime’s Dexter, in which a serial killer slices limbs off a dead body.

“We taped a big plastic sheet — true to the TV show — down to a table, and taped Andrew [Winter] down to the table,” Bruer said. “And then, with lots of fake blood everywhere, we had me beginning to kill him because he had a Wenzel in his possession.”

Potential entrants should expect an equally tough crowd this year. When asked whether he would participate again, Breuer said he “absolutely” plans to defend his title this year.

“I’ve realized there’s a very strong chance that one day, I’ll have to tell my kids that I was best known at Yale for dressing up as a serial killer to win unhealthy sandwiches,” he said. “And if that’s the case, it will at least make it better to have been a repeat champion, right?”

We are inclined to agree.