University | 8:20 pm | March 1, 2013 | By Colleen Flynn

SUN holds ‘speak-out’ in Beinecke Plaza

More than 100 Yale community members gathered in Beinecke Plaza on Friday to participate in a public “speak-out” that covered a broad variety of issues, ranging from Yale’s sexual climate to its financial aid policy. Organized by Students Unite Now (SUN), a group of undergraduates dedicated to promoting change in Yale and New Haven, the demonstration brought 13 »

WEEKEND | 12:32 pm | December 6, 2012 | By Colleen Flynn

Harvard on ‘Fringe’ looks familiar…

When it comes to looks, Harvard once again just doesn’t make the cut. The popular TV series “Fringe” has continued a centuries-long tradition of wishing Harvard looked more like Yale, using shots from Yale’s Old Campus to depict scenes that are supposed to take place at Harvard in the show. According to the Yale Alumni »

University | 3:54 pm | December 4, 2012 | By Colleen Flynn

Yale SOM grads blaze trail into cannabis industry

Two SOM grads are forging a new path into the cannabis industry.

After the Nov. 6 vote, two Yale grads are taking the marijuana industry by storm, looking to transform the fragmented and largely untapped market into the next great American frontier. Brendan Kennedy SOM ’05 and Michael Blue SOM ’05 partnered up to form a private-equity firm in Seattle focused solely on the cannabis industry, which »

University | 12:09 pm | November 27, 2012 | By Colleen Flynn

New Facebook page improves self-esteem of sauce

How much do you love ketchup? Yale Condiments would like to know.

Ketchup and mustard have finally earned their well-deserved day in the sun, thanks to a new Facebook page — “Yale Condiments” — that solicits compliments for the sauces from well-meaning Yalies. In a nod to the popular website “Yale Compliments,” which allows Yalies to submit anonymous compliments about other Yalies, Yale Condiments offers sheepish students »