Ketchup and mustard have finally earned their well-deserved day in the sun, thanks to a new Facebook page — “Yale Condiments” — that solicits compliments for the sauces from well-meaning Yalies.

In a nod to the popular website “Yale Compliments,” which allows Yalies to submit anonymous compliments about other Yalies, Yale Condiments offers sheepish students a place to express their love for the zesty, all-American glory of barbecue sauce or the exotic allure of a spicy Dijon.

“Sweet Baby Ray’s, I love your mouthwatering award-winning sauce,” reads one compliment. “I put it on everything. Hell! Sometimes I even put it on celery. When I was in 8th grade, I wrote a speech explaining your beauty.”

Though the site’s origin is unknown, its mission to “spread joy to the Yale Community” through expressions of admiration for condiments has been well-received by the roughly 60 students who have friended the site. One particularly moving post worships the tangy crunch of Yale Dining’s tartar sauce, while another praises the versatile lovability of the classic Heinz ketchup.

With the majestic emblem of French’s yellow mustard gracing its crest, Yale Condiments truly lives up to its motto, “Lux et Condiments.” Though the page is still a fledgling in the Facebook world, it stands in a class of its own, pioneering a new medium for condiment appreciation.