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Cutler’s Record Shop to close

Cutler's Record Shop announced over the weekend that it will close for good, leaving few stores on Broadway that predate Yale's real estate investments on the street.

After 64 years of business in downtown New Haven, Cutler’s Record Shop on Broadway announced on Wednesday that it will close its doors for good at the end of June. Cutler’s has been operating on Broadway Street since the 1940s. In a Wednesday press release, University Properties Director Abigail Rider called the closing “the end »

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Bass security guards: Nothing hidden in Sterling

After an email from the ” Bureau for Undergraduate Tradition and Nostalgic Enrichment” was circulated to a list of undisclosed recipients at midnight, several eager Yalie’s tried to break into the boxes in Sterling to find an “adventure.” The email directed Yale students towards a secret hidden in BOX 1701, saying that ” A path »

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YD spring show shows Disney how it’s done


The stage is pitch black. Suddenly, a blue light appears, illuminating the silhouettes of three sculpted men. The vaguely familiar voice of the sassy Greek chorus from Disney’s “Hercules” is heard: “At this point our boy Hercules could do no wrong.” And so begins the number that best exemplifies the spirit of the Yaledancers’ annual »

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Former Finnish president discusses poverty and youth

The Yale center for the Study of Globalization, led by former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, hosted 2008 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari Tuesday. Ahtisaari spoke about the current political situation in the Middle East and North Africa, linking it to poverty and youth unemployment in the region. “We have seen »

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Time features Eliezer

Time recently spotlighted Eliezer, one of Yale’s secret societies that, according to the article, is “hiding in plain sight.” The society is reputed to have a close knit, diverse membership. It was founded by three Jews and an African American Baptist — Cory Booker, now the mayor of Newark. At its inception, the criterion for »