March 19th, 2012 | City

Man arrested in East Rock for trying to go kite surfing

Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

A man was arrested Sunday after attempting to go kite surfing off of East Rock, the New Haven Register reported Sunday.

Vin Conti was preparing for a glide in East Rock Park when the winds turned against him and his kite got caught in some trees. Before Conti could rescue the paraglider, a policeman arrested him on the grounds that scaling, ascension or descent at East Rock is forbidden. Conti was not allowed to free his kite before being taken away.

Conti told the Register that he frequently kite surfed at East Rock and that he is “licensed by a federally recognized organization to do so.” He insisted that kite surfing is “normally very safe” and that although it can be dangerous, “more people are hurt riding bicycles.”

He was released after he made a written promise to appear in court.

  • joematcha

    Clearly he does not have any sort of licensing because he does not even know what sport he’s talking about; one cannot kite surf off East Rock. Kite surfing is a water sport and you launch from the beach at the water. I can’t even imagine anyone trying to kite surf in the Quinnipiac river by East Rock.

    • joematcha

      Oh, my mistake. I clicked through and it appears both the New Haven Register reporter and the YDN reporter are to blame for that mix up.