October 20th, 2010 | Uncategorized

The Yale Daily News is in print — again


Despite what your e-mail inbox may say, the Yale Daily News appeared in print this morning, just as it has most days for the past 132 years.

In a Wednesday morning e-mail purporting to be from the News’ managing board of 2010, an anonymous writer told members of the Yale community that the News would not publish a print edition today.

The News was, in fact, printed.

The News will print another issue Thursday, and another Friday.

One part of the e-mail, then, is true: “We look forward to starting anew tomorrow.”

UPDATE: October 20, 2010, 1:02 p.m.

Although stacks of the News were removed from dining halls and other campus buildings after they were distributed this morning, copies of the News are once again available in Commons, dining halls and other locations throughout campus. We apologize for the delay.

  • yale

    Thank goodness. but who stole the papers?

  • Leah

    There weren’t any in JE at 9:30am. Are you redistributing?

  • PA3

    Maybe the anonymous person also stole the papers. Good try to make the News look good – but they seem to not want any of it.

  • trent


  • Yale12

    pundits are awesome!

  • 1Y1

    When the YDN refuses to apologizes for mud-slinging and irresponsible journalism, this is what happens. Hate to say I told you so…

  • yale

    This clearly does not actually have anything to do with the News Views opinion piece.

  • d11

    Its time to apologize, YDN. Regain your credibility.

  • YaleMom

    This is no joke! Looks some of the those Pranksters haven’t read a little thing called **The Constitution**. Check out the first Amendment, kiddos!!!

  • br2010

    Notice there was no response email to the Yale community. Why? That would mean the YDN would have to apologize for not actually wanting to take the time to reexamine their voice on campus. The YDN seems particularly cool with ignoring the obvious reasons behind these actions.

  • waitaminute

    Okay, wait a minute. I really appreciated that fake apology for a good hour this morning. “We misrepresented the student voice” is exactly what I wanted to hear, and I definitely wasn’t mourning a missing YDN today. DO something, YDN. Stop shrugging your shoulders at this now-national fiasco.

  • lauragottesdiener2010

    And for any alumni that missed out on the fake apology, here you go.

    To the Yale community:
    We at the Yale Daily News want to apologize for responding thoughtlessly and offensively to recent events on campus. The new editorial board is going to take time to respond to and rectify our mistakes. To begin, and to show how seriously we take our role in the Yale community and the opinions of our readers, we are holding a “moment of silence” for journalism. Today we will not print.
    Instead, we will meet as a board and discuss a way to restore integrity and to bring together the voices of Yale students, voices we grossly misrepresented. The results of today’s discussion and a further apology will be included in tomorrow’s issue. We look forward to starting anew tomorrow.
    The 2010 Editorial Board of the Yale Daily News

  • Harbinger904

    wow, I took that seriously and was fairly heartened to get that e-mail. Disappointed again…

  • 1Y1

    You guys just keep making your own mess worse.

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