November 21st, 2009 | Uncategorized

Harvard shirts at Campus Customs? Not a big sell, owner says

Though Campus Customs has been selling Harvard shirts for the last week in the hopes of appealing to visiting Cantabs — as well as Yale graduate students who did their undergrad at Harvard College — store owner Barry Cobden said very few shirts have been sold. Ultimately, he said, “the shirts are just here to be funny.”

  • yalie11

    i don’t see how that’s funny? i don’t buy that excuse, they just failed epically against yale spirit.

  • yalie10

    that was the most ridiculous/absurd thing ive ever seen. we keep that place open with all the business we give them, and for some reason they think its alright to sell harvard shirts. get outta here, campus customs.

  • Joe Pesci

    “They’re funny how? I mean funny, like they’re a clown? Like they amuse us, they make us laugh? How the $*%& are they funny? What the *$&# is so funny about them? Tell me! Tell me what’s funny!”

    That’s strike one, Campus Customs.

  • Eliza

    Stop hating… I know there’s this big rivalry and all, but you know most all of you applied to Harvard too. Campus Customs consistently treats you well and then you get pissed off because they want to make some extra money?