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Suspect, his two relatives and fiance stay home from work

A suspect in the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13 did not show up for work today and neither did his sister, brother-in-law or fiancé, all of whom work for Yale.

A medical campus employee who is privy to developments in the investigation said in an interview that the four all stayed home today. The suspect, who works in Yale’s Animal Resources Center, could not be seen at his Middletown apartment this afternoon.

At the Higganum, Conn., house where the suspect’s sister and brother-in-law live, blinds were closed, and shortly before 6 p.m. two hooded figures ran out of the house and into a black SUV.

Yale spokesman Tom Conroy would not confirm or deny that the lab technician is the target of the investigation into Le’s murder.

“The University doesn’t give out information about Yale employees and whether they’re at work or not,” he added.

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  • FYPD

    Sadly, at Yale many technicians hate grad students & postdocs and the feeling is mutual. I am a former Yale Postdoc and during my tenure – there was a constant bullying and harassment of Postdocs and Grad students by techs. This severe conflict was and is always ignored by senior faculty. Technicians at Yale are underpaid, frustrated and many are affected by serious inferiority complex. This is quite understandable under the circumstances. There are likely some arrogant Postdocs but most of them are there to simply finish their fellowship and move on and go high up. Lab Techs remain Lab techs – forever. Post grad student can unfortunately tell the Techs – well, we work in the same lab – but I WILL BE A DOCTOR, you will not. Painful but true.

  • Stephen

    Guess Yale now has 5 openings!
    What a jerk. Has a fiance himself!
    I hope they have the right guy!

  • wow

    try not to do anything suspicious…. like run from your house in hooded clothing and into a black SUV. wouldn’t want to tip anyone off to anything.

  • GRD ’09

    A newspaper is reporting that the police don’t know where the suspect is; that a neighbor saw the suspect and his girlfriend drive off with suitcases on Sunday night, and that people were being stopped on Rt 15 by police who were searching for someone. I really hope the article has no basis in fact. Wasn’t it just last night that Levin assured everyone that the suspects were being watched very closely?

  • Wrong Headline

    Seems to me that this headline should read: Suspect, his two relatives and fiance on the run. Apparently they were all long gone from “home” when they failed to show up for work today.

    From N.Y. Daily News:

    Neighbors say they saw Clark and his girlfriend, Jennifer Hromadka, leaving with suitcases on Sunday around the time cops found Le’s body.

    “I saw them leaving this weekend with travel bags like they were in a hurry,” said a 35-year-old neighbor who lives in the same Middletown apartment building.

  • glenn rothe

    This is a better report than the other news outlets

  • Michelle

    Raymond Clark is gone…skipped…bolted

    The students of Yale and the citizens of New Haven should be mad as hell! LE knew who they wanted, and did nothing. And the administration of Yale have done nothing to make sure the students are safe from a murderer.

    Expected better from all agencies involved….

  • You mean “fianceE”

    “fiancee” is correct. “fiance” is the male form of the word. unless he’s marrying a boy. no judgment.

  • N

    If given a polygraph test, I doubt I could pass it.

    Likewise, just because Ray Clark allegedly failed a polygraph test doesn’t mean he’s guilty.

    I’ve heard that if a crime is committed and if you’ve ever even “thought” about committing such a crime in the past, you will probably fail the polygraph test.

    In my Yale lab where I work with loads of smart-ass know-it-all grad student punks, I’ve often thought about strangling them.
    They’re cultivated by their faculty-advisors to be arrogant, rude and elitist.
    I have a Bachelor’s degree with decades of experience in the private, government and academic sectors and yet my faculty supervisors expect me to receive and gracefully accept unlimited amounts of feces off grad students simply for the fact they’re working on a holy PhD.

    I can’t count the number of times during my near ten years employment with Yale that I’ve felt like slapping the face of some self-righteous grad student with a superiority complex.
    I wonder if it’s the way it’s always been or if this arrogant elitism is a recent phenomenon designed to cover up the blatant mediocrity of the Yale Mediocrity Mill.

    If some grad student working in my lab was discovered dead, I’m sure the cops would come straight to me.
    I’d refuse the polygraph even if I didn’t do it.
    But I’d probably be guilty.

  • Lisa

    This is such a shame…let’s hope the police know where the suspect is and apprehend him as soon as possible.

  • citizen

    #10: You do realize that murder is far worse than arrogance?

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  • yoshi

    Great article Martine! This goes a long way to explaining why events such as the black solidarity conference, trans awareness week, and pride month are never reported on by the YDN. The party line that, “they happen every year, so they’re not news” is getting old, especially when events like spring fling, and sex week are on the front page for weeks.