Paul Needham
Levin’s aide ‘holds Yale together’

It is fair to say that Regina Starolis did not have a great first day of work. In July of 1973, she arrived at Woodbridge […]

Floyd Abrams LAW ’60 weighs in on cartoon Master’s Tea

In case anyone was wondering what Floyd Abrams LAW ’60 thought of today’s Branford College Master’s Tea, the University has put out a statement with […]

In Washington, Gore to speak at Yale-sponsored energy summit

The U.S.-India Energy Partnership Summit that Yale is co-sponsoring began this morning and has already included talks from Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Director General […]

Cartoon controversy returns to campus

It seems that “The Cartoons that Shook the World” may shake Yale’s campus again. Both Jytte Klausen, the author of the book about the violence […]

Short on details, but big on value

Value engineering, the process by which clients eliminate costly elements of building designs in order to save money, is understandably unpopular with architects. Some designers […]

Professor adds decorative touch to Yale campus

There was a time when New Haven was a major manufacturing center, when factories in town stayed busy making everything from rifles to Erector sets. […]

At Duke, Corporation looks to future

The fellows of the Yale Corporation spent the weekend at Duke University, where they learned about some of its strongest programs and discussed priorities for […]

Political Science Department’s ‘diner’ stays, for now

Amid all the uproar over demolition in preparation for the two new colleges, there has been relatively little attention given to the political science “diner” […]

Yale accused of violating open-records law

The Yale Police Department’s job is to enforce the law. But now, its own officers are accusing the department of breaking it. In July, the […]

Endowment fell 24.6 percent, University says

The final results are in: Yale’s endowment lost 24.6 percent of its value between July 1, 2008, and June 30. The endowment’s value plummeted to […]

Police: Fire alarm was unrelated to Le

The fire alarm that sounded at 10 Amistad St. on the day Annie Le GRD ’13 was murdered had nothing to do with her death, […]