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University: Professor is not a suspect in disappearance

The New York Post home page at about 11:30 a.m. today.
The New York Post home page at about 11:30 a.m. today. Photo by Paul Needham.

University Vice President and Secretary Linda Lorimer shot down reports this morning that the authorities believe a professor may be involved in the disappearance of Annie Le GRD ’13.

The New York Daily News, citing an anonymous police source, reported today that police questioned an unnamed Yale professor on Friday after learning he canceled his class on Tuesday around the time Le went missing. The New York Post published a similar article, citing a report on the Fox affiliate WTIC-TV in Hartford, and the stories have quickly spread around the Web.

In an interview this morning, Lorimer said that headlines like one on the Fox News Web site saying “Yale Professor Questioned in Graduate Student’s Disappearance” are entirely misleading.

Calling the phrase a “typical Fox News hysterical headline,” Lorimer added that the police are “interviewing tons of people” and there is no reason to believe any professor is a suspect in Le’s disappearance.

In the interview, Lorimer also said the Federal Bureau of Investigation has received a “great response” to its tip line and that the University hopes the $10,000 reward it is offering for information will be “some incentive to some individuals to come forward with information.”

She confirmed news reports that Le often uses Yale Transit to travel from her apartment in the East Rock neighborhood to the School of Medicine, but said there is no evidence that Le used Yale Transit after entering the facility at 10 Amistad St. at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Finally, Lorimer called it “entirely perplexing that there doesn’t seem to be a record of her” leaving that building.

“At a certain point in time you start wondering what sort of positive storylines there could be here,” Lorimer said.

  • Robert

    “typical Fox News hysterical headline,”

    You want hysteria, how about CNN on the Coast Guard story?

  • Ire Verent

    The FBI has “interviewed” people who worked with Le, SOP that’s all, so it is totally expected they would interview a professor whose class she attended. Try an experiment, pick anyone going into the Amistad building seen on camera and see if you can determine when they left. I wonder what the success rate would be. I bet it no where near 100%.

  • Jeff Mitchell

    The Daily News quoted a “police source”. Already people on speculating how and why this professor might have done it. This is what ruins careers and taints universities solely to make some cop feel special and the paper sell more copies. Yale should track down this police source and have him fired, immediately.

  • Cindy

    Fox News is no more “hysterical” than any other news source. In fact, it is much more trustworthy than any of the others.

    Typical twisted view of life.

  • CleverHans

    Drat Fox news – suggest you do NOT click on their links – I don’t. They probably count the clicks and the count helps them sell advertising.

  • Ire Verent

    Typical yellow press, FOX chooses one person of dozens interviewed to make a headline, they could have said coworkers interviewed or fiance interviewed or boss interviewed because they all have been. They could have said Bush linked to pharmacology, because he was born in the Sterling Hall of Medicine close to where the Pharmacology dept is now. That would have been as relevant.

  • anon

    At Ire Verent, #2:

    But we don’t even have to ‘see’ anyone entering Amistad; the card swipe data covers that.

    The information is asymmetrical. It’s good at tracking entrances, not at all good at tracking exits. It tracked Le’s entrance but not her exit–exactly what we would expect regardless, especially given the chaos of the fire alarm. None of this adds up to good evidence that she’s still in Amistad.

  • anon

    At Jeff Mitchell, #3:

    Remember Suzanne Jovin? The tabloids seem to like the ‘professor-did-it’ storyline; it’s redolent of pulp fiction.

    But who knows, maybe this leak was authorized; perhaps the police just want to keep the story in the headlines, and are willing to feed the tabloids whatever nonsense is necessary to do so. The professor’s name hasn’t been released, which is not insignificant.

  • Patty

    FAUX NEWS probably hires LEMMINGS to click on their links…just as they hire them for protests.

  • Arthur

    Poor Patty still thinks it’s clever to refer to Fox News as Faux News. She’s so enchanted with the joke that she capitalizes it. I suspect the same kind of susceptibility to unoriginal ideas informs her worldview.

  • BethanyZ

    This is not good, the Yale Administration is already in damage control, now more worried about trying to protect their own staff and image than in trying to find a missing student. The Yale administration should be trying to work with the media, instead of bashing the media for running headlines which are factually correct. The Fox headline stating that a Professor was interviewed is completely accurate, but it does not fit the storyline that the Yale Administration wants to put out. Yale wants to whitewash this case, let some time go by and hope people forget it ever happened, like they did with the Jovin case. The Yale Administration should come out and state who this professor is, why did he or she suddenly cancel the class for Tuesday, how did the fire alarm originate, where in the building did it originate, is it normal for it to go off and various other unanswered questions. With Yale covering this stuff up this early in the investigation and now trying to get into fights with the media tells me that Yale is covering their own backside and trying to shift blame.

  • Peter

    You may want to go back and check the YDN article from September 9 before you rush to judgment on the press.

    Go down about 80% of the way and ask yourself if something stands out.

    “Schlessinger said that Bennett e-mailed him yesterday around noon informing him that Le had not come in to work and that no one knew where she was…”

    You may find that statement interesting given the fact that Annie was not reported missing till later that night by her roommate. Not to mention the fact that we now know that she was at work that morning; in both buildings.

  • Patty

    Poor Arthur, I am so enchanted with the idea that Fox news is really out of touch with reality hence the faux. It is not a joke it is enchantment. Rest assured that I never did believe the misperceptions(lies) towards the Iraq war that was spread by Fox(faux) news. Let’s not then talk of susceptibility to unoriginal ideas until you look into yourself and what you did once believe. Rest assured I do not have a guilty conscious from the excessive cost of the war on taxpayers and the death of innocents. Have a good day.

  • Arthur

    Poor Patty’s inept spelling and grammar convince me that she should apply herself to mastering English with the same zeal she has for parroting leftist cliches.

  • sglass

    Why pick on Fox News?
    The New Republic had Stephen Glass who made up dozens of articles.
    Reuters has published photoshopped pictures which made Israel look bad
    The NY Times and the Washington Post both had to fire journalists (one who got a Pulitzer) for fraud
    Dan Rather’s memo trying to impugn the character of Pres Bush was a big media scandal from the 2004 election…
    And so it goes from the mainstream media.

  • Ichabod Crane

    How is this related at all to Fox News Ms. Lorimer?

  • a3usa

    Patty why don’t you read the U.S. Constitution? It seems you liberals forget how and why Our Nation was founded!

  • Patty

    Poor Arthur you do humor me. Honesty would certainly not be parroting the Bush administration. Instead of sticking to the facts you’re recourse is mastering English and this is from someone who probably voted for a President who could not even speak English. Here is a quote from a famous person guess who? “People say, well, do you ever hear any other voices other than, like, a few people? Of course I do.” I am so glad you like people who do not master English well or at least a few years ago you did. Have a great night.

  • Yalie

    Ire Verent: Sterling Hall of Medicine is an academic building. Bush would certainly not have been born there. You are probably thinking of the hospital.

  • Patty

    #17 What the heck does the constitution have to do with what we are talking about? Please explain. Telling me to read the constitution isn’t a question it is a statement. Our should not be capitalized before nation neither should nation. So explain it to me please. I am listening.

  • a3usa

    Patty, why do you sound so bitter? Could it be you figured out you voted for the wrong man? I will pray for you and for Our Country’s freedom. Now you have a great night.

  • ’09

    Not as implausible as it sounds. Yale will go to hell and back to cover the bad tracks of any privileged white male. Those of us who have been threatened, abused, or raped would know.

  • Stephen

    I think some one who works in the building killed her and hid the body.
    Remeber the cleaning lady in the NYC building. It took days to find her body
    in the building. I hope that the family sues Yale for all it has! It took place in the building. Where is Yale

  • sus

    With the fire alarm going off, and all the choas going on , it wouldn’t be hard for someone to move a 90 lb person. She is tiny, and could fit in any briefcase that has wheels. I think she was moved, since the dogs didn’t locate her in the building.Have they checked all the buildings ?

  • hmmmmm
  • RedStateGirl

    Arthur and azusa I totally agree with you. Fox news is perfectly legit. In fact, I think they speak with divine voices directly from The Man Upstairs. All that GWB did and our presence in Iraq make perfect sense. Revamping healthcare and being concerned for the health of all citizens is such afro-centric thinking and wrong. Not what the founding fathers had in mind at all!!!! Our Nation will rule the world!

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